For trouble-free winding operation, call JSI!

JSI understands the ongoing need within the paper, pulp, and converting industries to reduce costs while maximizing efficiency and providing a safe work environment. Winders and their associated slitters operate under heavy stress due to continuous acceleration and deceleration, not to mention the high speed of the operation. As winding equipment ages, there can be inherent issues such as mechanical play, wear and tear of parts, and leakage of hydraulic oil. It is often difficult to find replacement parts as these parts break down.

JSI offers a host of solutions, including winder audits, OEM spare parts, and machine maintenance, that ensure machinery stays in tip-top shape. These services significantly extend the safety and equipment usability, saving cost and increasing productivity for years to come.


Rebuilt Winders

To counter the ever-increasing cost of new machinery, JSI offers a winder-rebuilding service that upgrades used winders to like-new condition for the fraction of the cost of a new winder.

Each rebuilt winder receives:

  • New controls and a new HMI system
  • Control system updates
  • Automatic slitter positioning technology
  • A dual spreader
  • A direct-acting rider roll
  • Auto core feeding and end gluing for capacity improvement
  • Runnability improvements by new sectional rolls
  • A safety system upgrade

Capacity Improvement


Capacity can make all the difference in a mill operation. For those who do not want to purchase new machines with larger capacities, JSI offers improvements to existing winders in lieu of such a large commitment.
JSI supplies proven upgrades — an option not selected during the initial purchase or a customized solution — to existing winder setups. Upgrades can be made to tail threading, core loading sequences, automatic set change functions, and more. Our winder-specific engineered solutions provide a reliable and cost-effective approach to winders of all manufactures and capacities.

JSI Core Guides for Production Winders


JSI’s adaptable core guides design can be fitted to most winders. These guides allow for up to 40” trim adjustment, both manual and automatic positioning, and customizable support to accommodate most linear supports and relief mechanisms. Core guides consist of an electric motor actuation with a hydraulic open/close function and an easy-to-change chuck for different core sizes.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Upgrades


JSI offers complete turnkey hydraulic and pneumatic upgrades for safety and environmental measures, from simple hoses to full-blown rebuilds.

JSI also provides hydraulic training to familiarize personnel with the hydraulic components on winders. This training is strongly recommended for maintenance employees, operators, and planners.
This training teaches personnel to identify:

  • Winder-specific components, both in the classroom and on-site
  • Component functionality, proper maintenance, and its relation to the winding process
  • Known issues with hydraulics and their effects on winder operation
  • Safe relations to hydraulics, risk identification, and correct work method

Mechanical Audits


JSI’s Mechanical Audits consist of a thorough examination of the winder, performed by one of our winder specialists. Our Mechanical Audits provide detailed information on the condition of the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical components. Once the audit is complete, the client receives a baseline condition report, along with JSI’s recommendations to improve winder capacity, reliability, and operational preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Service Agreements


JSI’s maintenance service agreements are part of a customized preventive maintenance program. Under our maintenance agreements, each client is assigned a dedicated winder specialist, who serves as the service contact point for the mill. This winder specialist conducts inspections, identifies winder problem areas, and follows up with a fully-developed action plan through JSI’s Maintenance Planning Table. This action plan reduces unscheduled shutdowns by correcting problem areas in their early stages.

Maintenance agreements provide:

  • A program “customized” to the mill which focuses on most-needed services
  • A single-source, fully-dedicated winder specialist
  • Pre-set service visits throughout the life of the contract
  • Assistance with preventive maintenance and maintenance planning for shutdowns
  • Rapid response time to production problems
  • Full winder audits at the initial first visit
  • Hands-on mill operator training
  • Recommendation for spare parts purchases and modernization points
  • 24/7 emergency service

Winder Safety Risk Audits


JSI offers safety audits for existing winders, formulated to identify existing safety hazards. In cooperation with the customer’s own safety and risk management guidelines and practices, JSI creates a clear picture of the situation on the mill floor and offers solutions to minimize risk and solve problems before they begin.

Alignment Service


Born out of the constant need for installation alignment on rebuild projects, JSI’s winder alignment service is a winder-specific alignment visit which addresses the need for installation alignment on rebuild projects. Corrective measures can be included in the package, or the alignment check can be conducted in cooperation with the mill assets for corrective work.

Winder-specific alignments include:

  • Complete alignment checks to identify the mechanical process properties
  • Checks on all rotating elements and linear elements relative to the web path and roll structuring
  • Utilization of the Leica TDRA6000 Laser Station for accurate data measuring

On-site Mechanical Services


JSI offers a full range of on-site services, from machine installation to on-site rebuilds of carriages.

JSI’s services include:

  • On-site component refurbishing or replacement of sectional rolls, rider rolls, and hydraulic or pneumatic components
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Operator/millwright training and support
  • Rebuild commissioning and start-up
  • Machine-specific training
  • Root cause/fault-finding practices
  • Documentation, best practices, and SOP support

Spare Parts


JSI is committed to supplying equal or superior quality spare parts to customers. JSI has direct access to the same manufacturers that produced the original machines, so spare parts are offered with total confidence.

Whatever the part, JSI has the solution. From specialty cables to parts no longer manufactured, JSI has the answer. Through global connections, securing a wide variety of spare parts is never a problem.

If the needed part is no longer available, JSI’s engineering staff can recreate the part.

JSI supplies a wide array of spare parts, including:

  • Rider rolls
  • Sectional rolls
  • Spreader rolls and guide rolls
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Winding heads and spare parts
  • Core guides
  • Brake systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electrical

Winder Safety Fencing


Safety procedures in a mill can never be too cautious. JSI offers complete safety fencing for winders and controlled access to winders. Safety fencing alleviates any safety concerns, from a small section to prevent accidental access to moving parts to a complete secure and interlocked winder fencing system. All fixed fencing is only removable with tools to prevent accidental entry, and all fencing has built-in visual screens so personnel can indicate safety function, operators, and maintenance for quick determination of the root cause of a sequence malfunction or an unexpected interlock.

JSI offers a variety of winder safety fencing types, including:

  • Swinging doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Actuated door
  • Retractable screens
  • Pressure sensing matting
  • Light curtain/photocell eye monitored