JSI partners with leaders in the paper manufacturing industry, bringing every portion of the paper manufacturing process under one roof. Our best-in-class partnerships cover a wide scope of solutions for the industry, from automation software to replacement parts.

PMT Italia
With 60 years of expertise and more than 160 winders sold worldwide, PMT Italia is a leader in the winder industry. PMT Italia owns the complete technology for various kinds of paper machines and applies it to each project to provide the best in manufacturing, project management, and service capabilities. PMT Italia partnered with JSI to provide service to the United States with complete machines and key section technology, from headbox to winder.

Millennium Control Systems
Founded in 1997, Millennium Control Systems is a leading independent automation integrator with demonstrated expertise in analysis, planning, design, project management, and support services. JSI’s partnership with Millennium Control Systems brings engineered control systems and software solutions to our customers in the paper industry.

TAPIO Technologies Oy
Established in 1989, TAPIO Technologies Oy specializes in solving quality and efficiency problems within the paper making industry.
TAPIO products provide information to solve all types of paper machine run ability and quality problems. They are well known for their wireless paper roll analyzer (RQP) and their paper machine analyzer (PMA), equipment that monitors production so machinery and supplies can be tuned and adjusted for optimization.
Together with leading pilot application research and development work, TAPIO Technologies Oy continues to introduce new technology to the paper industry, paper industry suppliers, and paper end users.

Compass Systems
JSI partnered with Compass Systems to provide our customers with material handling solutions. This partnership offers:

  • Prefabricated units (12 total)
  • Custom material handling solutions
  • TRIMVAC® paper trim conveying systems
  • Exhausters
  • Additional system components:
    • Eductor/venturi units
    • In-line material handling fans
    • Air handling fans
    • Velocity control damper & control panel
    • TRIMVAC® separators
    • Material/air separators (weather & dust shroud)
    • Trim choppers
    • Shredders/granulators
    • Auto-tie balers
    • Mechanical belt conveyors
    • Dust collectors
    • Tanks (special)
    • Silencers & sound enclosures
    • Electrical controls
    • Structural steel supports
    • Diverter valves
    • Trim pulpers
    • Static neutralizers
    • Air-lubricated trim chute
    • Air-operated slide gate valve
    • Exhausters
    • Floor sweep intake hoods
    • Inline static eliminators
    • Plasma coated systems (adhesives)
    • Source capture slitter knife dust collectors
    • Portable trim units
    • Material segregation
    • Compactors
    • Fire dampers
    • Explosion venting
    • HEPA filtration