JSI, provides engineered controls systems and software solutions for the paper industry. Automation services from Automation services from JSI offers performance optimization, products and troubleshooting projects to ensure safety and maximum efficiency of equipment and processes.

Performance Optimization


Winder cycle time reductions are a cost-effective way to increase throughput, utilizing existing winder equipment to its full potential. Existing automated sequences can be fine-tuned with a methodic approach that combines the PLC controls, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, and the process conditions. Cycle time reductions of even seconds in individual movements and actions within a sequence can yield a significant improvement in winder throughput in a 24-hour period.



Troubleshooting old and new winder controls and several generations of control technology can be challenging. At times, existing functions and automation are no longer used due to reliability issues, faulty equipment, or faulty sensor technology. Identifying the root cause of these problems and addressing them can return the lost functionality back to operation and increase the overall productivity of the winder.

Program Changes


Process and equipment changes may require program changes in order for the winder to operate efficiently and safely. Program simulation prior to actual changes provides a solid understanding of the effects of the changes and may be used to reduce the commissioning time of new functions, thus reducing the machine downtime.

Controls Modernization


Obsolete sensor and control technology is a common issue on outdated winders. This can cause challenges with component support and spare part availability. A controlled component change identifies the existing components, their capabilities, and their desired functionality. At times, compatibility issues can arise with safety PLC and new sensor technology. A methodical approach to the sensor replacement can be used to prevent these kinds of issues. At times, newer sensor technology also can increase the control accuracy and winder capability.

Winder Safety Upgrades


All winder safety upgrades start with a need to identify the risks which are present in the process and the system. These upgrades are based on a risk assessment of an individual piece of equipment or the overall needs identified by a safety audit. Machine-specific solutions can vary from relay-based safety solutions to a complete control system upgrade with safety PLC and Category 3 redundancy monitoring of the winder and access control. JSI can comfortably integrate modern safety, we can comfortably integrate modern safety functionality to an old winder.